Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon



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I have never heard so much diverging opinions about one film: the ones tell me that it's " hopeless ", and the others that it is "great". I'd like to know! That's why I finally made up my mind to watch it... And I think that... It's terrific!

What attracts us more in this type of film is the change of culture, it's like to get a breath of fresh air in a gloomy daily.

Thus, to discover China in anteriors centuries is very instructive, and we can notice that the film deals with very interesting themes: the different ranks of the social ladder, role and place of women in society, skilfully practised technique of fight, marked sense of honour, destiny and irrealism.

The story is fantastic: Li Mu Bai is a good warrior, and after many years of meditation, he decides to stop fighting. Thus, he goes and sees Shu Lien, the girl who learned the technique of fight with him. We quickly realize that there is something between them, something like profound feelings: but Li Mu Bai is too shy and hasn't declared his flame yet ( stupid guy!). He instructs her to bring his sword to an old friend, what she does successfully. At this man's house, Shu Lien meets a young girl, Tsiao Long, who will get married soon but who dreams to lead a life like Shu Lien's one.

But things turn into complicated: Li Mu Bai's sword is suddenly stolen at his new owner's home; and the terrible enemy of Li Mu Bai appears: Red Fox.
But what's going to happen? Who has really stolen Li Mu Bai's sword? Will Li Mu Bai take up again weapons so as to fight against his sworn enemy? Will he confess his feelings to Shu Lien? Will there be an happy end? Suspens...

This movie is scattered with extraordinary scenes of combat : the ancestral technique of fight are magnificently executed, and the most surprising: they know how to fly! They jump over the roofs without making a noise, they walk on the walls, they realize somersaults easily: it's just as if the gravity doesn't exist for the warriors, or as if their bodies are as slight as a feather (sniff, it's unfortunately impossible for us, poor humans...). Otherwhise, the combats are very rythmic (music= percussions). The first combat unfolds 15 minutes after the beginning (short!!) and lasts five minutes!

So, this movie is terrific and touching, and frankly, I don't know why some people consider it hopeless, no, I really don't know why...

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