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Adapted from Ozamu Tezuka's Manga

A fight, a hope?

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City: Metropolis, time: a close future, plot: domination and power.

Like every manga, Metropolis makes us reflect: Is man really good? Why do we use war in order to get peace? Are each men really equal, even in the most developped societies ? These are the questions which you can make your own answers by watching at this manga.


Too much philosophical for you? Just get carried away by the story of the frenzied Metropolis:

The situation: Metropolis, with its look of paradise, is a futurist city, in which the humans have advanced technologicaly: robots of their make perform the most degrading tasks.

What will make everything change: we're at the dawn of a new area: a crazy scientist is creating a mid-human robot, destined to take the power and rule the city (and then the world...).

Kenichi, a young boy, and his uncle, a detective, are sent to Metropolis in order to find the crazy scientist. While they approach their goal, the laboratory is set on fire and the mad scientist dies. He will never reveal his secret.

In the ruins of the laboratory, Kenichi finds a young girl who is called Tima, and who doesn't seem to remember anything from her past.

He takes her under his wing and protects her through the dangers they will be confronted with.

What's pity and schemer at the same time: Tima is the bionicle robot of the mad scientist.

During their trip, Kenichi and Tima will encouter a lot of people: men whose employment are now occupied by the robots and who aspire to a revolt ( the bolchevik revolution of 1917 in Russia?); robots who are friendly but men treat them like dogs ( evolved nazism?); etc...

This manga is a terrific fable, it denouces the power the men grants themselves to dominate the others, and all this in an atmosphere of friendship, (love?), honour, hapiness and sadness, respect, etc...


The design (sublime) and the computer generated images (superb) merge perfectly, everything is harmonious. It's a treat.

The only thing that is wrong is the fact that it is too much stamped with the american designs: the characters are chubby, and they resemble more to comics'characters than to mangas'characters.

The music is taken from the jazz of the 1920's.

So, this film is really accomplished, don't lose the occasion to watch it.



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